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Proactiv Solution has received rave reviews and celebrity endorsements from everyone from Justin Bieber to

all over the place, but does it live up to its high-priced endorsements and claims?

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Proactiv Solution Features

There are many Proactiv products, this being the larger 120 day 3 piece micro crystal set, which provides high value due to its size.  The  micro crystals work well as exfoliating agents for clearing acne and general skincare.

Because some users resent having to take an effective subscription with Proactiv, the larger 120 pack lets you buy directly and then re-order. It is also cheaper for non-US customers (compared to buying through the Proactiv website.

Fast delivery is great for anyone ordering.  Delivery delays are frustrating and annoying.

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User Experiences

The Amazon reviews are generally very positive, although there are always some negatives which applies to all acne products and can be expected given the variety of skin types, acne types, diet and general environmental and other issues.  However, the experiences of most acne sufferers and doctors who frequently prescribe Proactiv is that it is undoubtedly one of the best acne treatment products available.\

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Effectiveness and Safety

Effectiveness will always depend upon the type of acne being treated and how rigorous you are in following the extensive guidelines provided when you order.  Remember that Proactiv is designed for mild to moderate – rather than severe acne conditions.

To properly deal with acne its necessary to understand what causes it, which is effectively an excess shedding of skin, as well as an excess of oil on the skin. The condition can be made worse through bacterial infection, as reported by authoritative websites like MayoClinic.com.

Many of the lotions and formulas used to treat acne, including Proactiv, is based on benzoyl peroxide, which can help dry the skin and remove the pore-clogging bacteria.

There is no doubt that, particularly for mild to moderate forms of acne, products like Proactiv are generally very effective (Refer: MayoClinic.com). Users do need to take care of excess skin drying, however, which the benzoyl peroxide can generate.

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It can be too expensive for some users (although the larger bottles provide high value for those who should be using Proactiv – that is, mild or moderate acne sufferers).  It is not a severe acne treatment solution.

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Customer Reviews

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“After having tried a multitude of acne treatments, creams, cleansers, medications and gels, I have to say that Proactiv actually works. Not only does it eradicate acne, but it create an even skin tone, and after using it for four months already…(Philana)”

“Well, 6 weeks into using the Proactiv system, we have seen about a 50% improvement in my son’s skin. This is much better than after 3 months of doctor’s topical cream prescriptions and a tetracycline prescription which did nothing at all to the acne on his cheeks. We are hoping that in another month’s time we will see even 25% more improvement….(C. Compeau)

Amazon Rating: 4.8


Pros & Cons

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019227 green jelly icon symbols shapes check mark5 ps Proactiv Solution ReviewPros:

Proven over several years and amid rigorous testing

Treats several acne forms and types effectively

Accessible and readily available

Works for both teenage and adult acne situations

Relatively expensive

Can cause some facial burning on some skin types

Additional options can create a more expensive treatment option

Requires regular regime to be followed for maximum effectiveness.

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buy4. V192207739  Proactiv Solution Review

Features Overview:

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